The construction industry hasn’t changed since we’ve began building

And it’s ripe for disruption

Construction is a simple process and has many opportunities to become technologically savvy. At the field and management level there is incredible savings to capitalize.

Here’s how smaller companies or startups can take advantage.

Reinvigorating the work force

There’s more…

Scroll down for a summary of what information is important to you during your next pipeline inspection.

What is Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection is plumbing on a 100X scale

PHMSA requires operators to have their lines inspected and tested on regular intervals to prevent incidents like this

Fast forward a few decades and most operators are still grinding to get all their pipelines inspected. …

I learned how to hydrotest major chemical and crude pipelines in less than 3 months


I developed a process (the troubleshooting part is the most important) to run them successfully.

Establishing frameworks to apply to all jobs when I saw patterns of how they were ran, what went wrong…

I was recently forced to resign from my job.

While the package is good, I’ve just begun seriously start my job hunt. Here are some things I’ve done initially that will help others who are going through the same.

Additionally I’ve added a “Hire-Me” page to my website with a…

GJ Sequeira

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